Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dear Mom I am So Sorry....

What was I thinking? I mean seriously was I delusional,drunk, having a nervous breakdown? I already had three other kids 9,7 and 18 months. Why did I have the crazy thought to add another one? Whatever I was thinking their was no turning back...I was preggers. Fast forward nine months picture a grown woman hiding in the bedroom stuffing her face with Cadbury eggs....yup,that is me. Lennon Mercury was born on February 28 weighing in at a whopping 8.4 pounds and 22 inches long. He almost made his grand entrance into this world in the hospital elevator, more on that later. Now when you mix gasoline (Lennon) with fire (Bronxon) what do you get? BOOOOMMMMM!!!!! That is my day from sun up to....well sun up because they tag team me and their dad.We get one quiet/asleep and the other wakes/cries,and so it goes.....In a bleary eyed, zombie like state we make bottles, change diapers, burp, entertain, don't forget their are two more children but they are in school.Which means HOMEWORK!!!! Have you ever tried to do 3rd grade math while burping a screaming baby?It is not as exciting as it sounds...who cares how many pencils little Jimmy can buy!!!! I need coffee...lots and lots of coffee.You know what though...I would not trade it for the world...Love my little stinkers.

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