Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The great food debate

My son Bronx loved all foods when he was one year old, even the dreaded rice cereal. He took to new foods like a champ, never gave me any problems. Fast forward to his brother, Lennon. Rice cereal made him gag, and eventually throw up. Those cute little banana puffs by Gerber, nope... Yogurt melts, nuh-uh... He has his own unique way if getting the offensive food out of his mouth. He will keep his mouth open until his drool washes it out if his mouth, and onto his shirt. He likes sweets ( I know) he liked(ish) strawberries for about two seconds. At this point he is only interested in baby food, so we will wait a week and continue exploring the world of food.

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  1. That is how parenting goes-- everything you figure out with one kid, well only half of it works for the next :)