Sunday, July 27, 2014

Your opinions of the "NEW" Influenster

Ok,I am sure like most of you loyal Influenster users you were excited when you heard that they were redoing their website.I could not contain myself and peeked before the GRAND UNVEILING,was surprised in a good way.It looks nice,but how did it work.That my friends is where the problems started.We had to relink our social networks (no biggie),we can now pick an unlimited amount of badges (awesome) BUT all the badges I (we) had worked so very hard on were wiped back to ZERO!!!! All my badges were at 92 and 93,that is a lot of work. My VoxBox badge is gone (SpringFling) as well as all of my brand badges from the Spring VoxBox.I would love it for you guys to comment me your opinions and or problems with the new and "improved" site.

1 comment:

  1. I hate it. All my stuff was gone and now because I didnt do the youtube unveiling for the surfsup box I cant get the badge for it. It was my first box and it came before the tasks were even up I had no clue to do a video... im kinda disappointed and im 99% mobile besides when posting reviews since my computer is a snail I havent been on in weeks since it wont configure on the ipad