Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My experience with esalon.com

I received my eslaon.com kit within 2 days which in itself is awesome.I opened my kit and was AMAZED right of the bat I noticed how personalized it was.My name was on a pamphlet with the instructions my name was even on the hair color bottle!!! I chose as my gift the shining armor,oh my GOSH I fell in LOVE with it...Smells so good and has a silky feel to it.So I decided if I was going to have new color I might as well have a new hair cut.Chopped my hair into really cool messy bob.Next the BIG moment,the actual dyeing of the hair...DUN,DUN,DUUUUNNNN. The kit had everything I needed heavy duty "doctor's gloves" a brush for my hair line even some amazing smelling stain guard you apply around your hair line to keep the dye off of your face.Si i mixed everything according to directions and if you have ever colored hair before you know that the dye STINKS!Not this stuff,it has a pleasant smell (awesome) I applied as directed and waited my 15 minutes.The second step was simple (need to be in the shower for it) mix a equal amount of water to the left over hair coloring and (shake well) apply it to your hair,work into a lather then rinse until the water runs clear.Then I shampooed and conditioned with the included shampoo and conditioner,and VOLIA...done.FYI,I would invest some serious bucks in the shampoo and conditioner that esalon.com sales.Smells heavenly and left my hair so soft.Now that my hair is dry completely I can see that the color is perfect and it covered my gray hair.I am a fan of this company and plan on doing ALL of my hair coloring business with them.Thank you to BzzAgent for giving me the opportunity to try such an amazing product.As always this product was sent to me for testing/review purposes.It was free.


  1. You are so lucky, i'm jealous you got to try this! I have been thinking about doing this for so long.

    1. It is awesome all the products smell so good and makes your hair so soft.They even have a subscription where they send you your color every month.

  2. This sounds awesome. The one thing i hate the most about dying my hair is the smell