Friday, April 24, 2015

Part one...

Well I simply must start off the mommy chronicles with what happened today.So I was sitting on our bed feeding Lennon and Frank (my husband) was changing Bronx (YES!!! men do change diapers).Bronx had pooped...(TMI) well I guess he left the dirty diaper a little to close to Bronx,because he grabs it and flings it...which promptly covers him in poop...Just had to share that with ya. So yesterday,wow...I had to go to the little girls room,BAD,but everytime I even attempted to put Lennon down he would wail...what to do?I hauled Lennon and his car seat to the bathroom.I did my business.and that was that.That little adventure got mt to thinking about an episode of Snooki and Jwoww (don't judge). Jwoww had just had her baby and she calls Snooki to ask her when and if she ever got to shower.Snooki is like "no"...why not? It is totally doable.First you must remember,gone are the days of just jumping in the shower whenever you wanted.You must schedule (yes schedule) your bath time around your baby.Pick a time when he or she is most content like right after a good feeding and diaper change.Haul your baby swing or bouncer into the bathroom and insert happy, content (hopefully napping) baby. Get a quick shower all the while your little angel is within arms reach.Yes I have done this...It works! 

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