Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tablet sleeve review

As a blogger one of the most important tools to me is my tablet. it is a lifesaver when I do not feel like sitting at my computer desk for hours on end. Keeping my tablet clean and safe is so important. That is why I am in love with this tablet sleeve (case). I am over the moon crazy about it. It comes in pink or black, is made of  neoprene (think wet suits) it is water proof and shock (drop) proof and keeps your tablet dust free. Has a handy front pocket to store your charger, ear buds, or stylus in. The zippers are very sturdy. As you can see in the bottom picture it has a little lip (if you will) to keep your tablet safe. I just love this sleeve and I can promise you that you will too. I purchased it at eBay. The seller is Craezon.

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