Monday, July 27, 2015

My Journey

It seems like everyday I see a new weight loss or healthy lifestyle fad. From patches and pills to shakes and wraps, it's INSANE! Today's reality is healthy equals expensive. A bottle of water costs more than a soda, a salad costs more than a hamburger. Where does one start? Not all of us can afford trainers and personal chefs. How can we maintain a healthy lifestyle without putting ourselves in "debtors prison"? I mean if you haven't noticed healthy food options cost twice as much as junk and processed food. So us it possible to get healthy AND stay healthy on a budget? Some of the small steps I have integrated into my day are :
1.) Keeping hydrated
2.) Taking fish oil
3.) Giving up soda
The water part is honestly the hardest for me. I love coffee and sweet tea and having to limit them is torture. Plus! I have to try and drink at least a gallon of water a day!!! I have tried adding lemon and cucumber, just does not cut it for me. The fish oil is for my blood pressure and overall heart health. They were relatively inexpensive (about 8.00). Only draw back back is that they are H.U.G.E. and I have to take two at a time. The soda was easy to give up because I hardly drink it. My next goals are :
1.) Limit my sugar intake
2.) Phase out junk and processed food
I think working on two goals at a time is something that I can accomplish. The sugar might be a bit of a problem, lol. I love chocolate and I can't have my coffee without my Cinabon coffee creamer. Love my Lays Kettle Chips so we shall see how easy I can phase out, or at least limit my junk food. I have somebody sending me a Thrive sample,I am excited to try that. Maybe it can boost my energy some. I just want to be around for a very long time for my kids. They deserve a healthy and happy mom. So stay tuned for updates :)

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